Engagement Advantage℠ is the integrated billing and payments approach from Fiserv that helps you build lasting relationships by giving your telecommunications customers convenient, secure and personal billing and payment experiences.


Telecommunications customers receive and pay their bills in more ways than ever before. This requires billers to offer options that meet the demands for emerging billing and payment methods alongside traditional ones. Fiserv can help you compete and provide the best customer experience with new technologies and expertise.

Our Solution

The Engagement Advantage approach to billing and payments allows companies to operate in a "preference-driven" landscape, where customers choose to conduct their business online, in person or by phone or mail.

Fiserv has processed billions of billing, payment and reconciliation transactions. We deliver the experiences customers want while helping you reduce costs and accelerate revenue collection while meeting regulatory requirements.

Simply send your data stream – one time – from any system and Fiserv can:

  • Prepare personalized bills
  • Present printed and digital bills to customers through mail, biller direct and bank channels
  • Give customers the choice to pay in person, by mail or through digital channels
  • Protect your organization from financial misstatements with effective risk management and improved financial controls


Fiserv offers these unique benefits:

  • Create efficiencies and lower costs using one vendor for the complete billing and payment life cycle
  • Provide preferred billing and payment options tailored to customer expectations
  • Speed revenue collection by offering the most payment options anywhere
  • Improve customer engagement with the right message in the right channel to the right customer
  • Reduce regulatory compliance and security risk with one of the industry's most trusted providers

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The Better Billing and Payment Experience, Start to Finish

Engagement AdvantageSM from Fiserv delivers an integrated approach that enables your business to offer the billing and payment options your customers demand, drive greater engagement to increase growth, and help you compete on the customer experience.

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The Powerful Link Between Emotions and the Customer Experience for Telecommunications

Customer communications are often stale and impersonal, simply regarded as a tool for information sharing. But they don't have to be. They can be a strategic weapon in improving customer experiences.

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Better Together: A Business Case for Outsourcing Multichannel Communications for Telecommunications

Consumers in a "want it now" world have organizations re-evaluating their customer communication strategies. To keep pace and stay competitive, organizations often outsource their transactional communications to a provider that can manage the increasing complexity.

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Engagement Advantage Telecommunications Infographic

Consumers in a "want it now" world are using multiple devices and channels to access their bills. They expect a satisfying experience no matter how they engage. It's up to organizations to leverage those expectations.

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Well-Timed Words: Monthly Bills Can Enhance Telecommunications Customer Engagement Point of View Paper

Consumers in a fast-moving, "want it now" world are using multiple devices and channels. They expect a consistent, satisfying experience no matter how they engage, whether through paper, digital or, often, both. It's up to organizations to meet – and leverage – those expectations.

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Liberty Utilities: Partnership and Innovation with Engagement Advantage

Engagement Advantage℠ from Fiserv is our integrated approach to simplifying billing and payments. Liberty Utilities knows firsthand about the power of partnering with Fiserv to help simplify billing and payment experiences across multiple channels.

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Engagement Advantage for Telecommunications Companies

Engagement Advantage℠ by Fiserv delivers an innovative approach to helping your business offer the billing and payment options your customers demand while creating differentiated experiences that help your business grow profitably – all while helping you compete on the customer experience.

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