With Remittance Solutions from Fiserv, your financial institution can offer comprehensive receivables management, remittance processing and lockbox services to customers in multiple industries.

Financial institutions need to deliver services to their customers that enable faster accounts receivable posting and information access, but that don’t require significant capital expenditures for new or upgraded technology. Remittance Solutions from Fiserv enable you to offer a high-quality receivables management package — including wholesale, retail, image and wholetail lockbox services and industry-specific solutions — all with no capital expenditures.


Our Solution

A remittance solution can help financial institutions enhance customer relationships and grow valuable fee-based revenues and deposits, but building and maintaining the solution in-house can require major capital and staff expenditures. Instead, outsource to Fiserv. Rely on our remittance processing solutions, imaging technology and expertise to shift your costs from fixed to variable. Our national network of lockbox sites processes the full breadth of lockbox transactions and facilitates your customers’ transition to electronic payments. We capture images of checks and documents, deposit your customers’ funds, create image cash letters for electronic clearing and report detailed payment information online more efficiently than ever before.

In addition, we offer revenue cycle management solutions for the healthcare industry and comprehensive receivables management services for property managers. And all solutions are private-labeled so your customers see only your logo and brand name.

Our solutions provide financial institution customers with:

  • A national network of lockbox sites
  • Payments processing using advanced imaging technology
  • Same-day Internet viewing of check and document images
  • Automated exceptions management
  • Remote deposit capture combined with lockbox processing
  • Automated assessment collection for property management companies
  • Automated EOB and patient pay processing for healthcare providers
  • Accept payments by cards in addition to checks


Our remittance solutions will help financial institution customers:

  • Get faster access to funds and improve cash flow
  • Receive and post payment information faster
  • Improve customer service and ship products more quickly
  • Reduce paper handling and storage costs through our imaging solutions
  • Transition to electronic payment processing
  • Enjoy better than 99 percent payment processing accuracy
  • Reduce the risk of employee theft and payments fraud

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Remittance Manager Video

Remittance Manager from Fiserv provides your customers with single sign-on access to all of their remittance applications online – eliminating the need to maintain multiple user credentials.

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Remittance Solutions for Financial Services

This video illustrates how Remittance Solutions for Financial Services from Fiserv can help financial institutions receive and process the multitude of payments they receive each month, and also provide a service platform for attracting corporate clients, across a wide range of industries, who collect such payments from their own customers.

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Remittance Solutions Interactive Tutorial

This tutorial provides an interactive walk-through of the features and functionality of RemitStream Receivables Online and RemitStream Exception Handling: Online Decisioning.

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Remittance Solutions for the Property Management Industry

This video illustrates how Remittance Solutions for the Property Management Industry from Fiserv can help financial institutions capitalize on a growing remittance opportunity without the associated cost and complexity. You’ll see how the solutions provide unique value for financial institutions and their property management clients.

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