A recent survey commissioned by Fiserv, Payments Transformation: Jostling for Position in the New Digital Landscape explores the current views on how money is moved and the underlying trends in the payments market.

The world is moving ever faster. The willingness of consumers and businesses to tolerate any delay or inconvenience is rapidly approaching zero. Fintechs are entering the market at record pace with a focus on taking profits from any inefficient market. The banking industry is starting to move. From the rapid rise of instant payments to SWIFT gpi, banks are forming a competitive response to these market forces gaining market and mind-share. While viewpoints vary, the more adept and progressive financial institutions are starting early to leverage the new payments capabilities.

Read this research on key findings and banks' views on the challenges they face in building intelligent experiences for their corporate and retail clients to meet their increasing expectations of speed, seamlessness and security.

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