The award-winning financial crime risk management platform from Fiserv gives you a holistic view across financial crime types, locations, business units, products and channels.


Our Solution

Effective financial crime risk management is more critical than ever. Financial institutions struggle to keep up with compliance while managing costs. Meanwhile, criminals develop new schemes that necessitate new regulations and adaptable risk management solutions.

More than 1,200 organizations across 70 countries worldwide use financial crime risk management software from Fiserv. It's highly effective, efficient and adaptive to uncover even the most sophisticated crime schemes.

What Does Financial Crime Risk Management Offer?

Real-Time Detection

Alerts are sent based on suspicious activity, enabling instant decisions to block, hold or release transactions. Behavioral profiling and identification of unusual patterns help with real-time detection and decisions.

Low False Positives

Our solutions focus on accuracy in financial crime detection. Your team can concentrate on investigating real issues, not chasing false positives.

Regulatory and Operational Efficiency

Our financial crime risk management solutions adapt to regulatory changes, speed up the onboarding process and optimize operational efficiency.

Advanced Case Management and Reporting

Advanced case management and reporting capabilities help you further simplify detection, prevention and compliance.



Our financial crime risk management solutions help you:

  • Improve risk protection
  • Streamline fraud and AML compliance
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Enhance investigation efficiency
  • Implement a risk-based approach to suspicious activity detection
  • Meet regulatory requirements

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